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About This Product

This kit contains everything you need for the care of 1-2 young Solomon Island Leaf Frogs for 2-3 months. At that point, they'll need to be upgraded into a larger enclosure. it includes:

1. Plastic Enclosure

This plastic enclosure is a perfect enclosure for 1-2 young Solomon Island Leaf Frogs. The Faunariumenclosure is constructed of plastic, allowing for easy viewing and a light weight enclosure. You may need to cover part of the top with tape or plastic to increase humidity.

2. Josh's Frogs Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate

Josh's Frogs Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate is the perfect substrate for your SILFs! We've been using this mix for years, and have found it's the perfect balance of water holding capacity and drainage. Josh's Frogs SILF substrate will aid in maintaining a proper amount of humidity for your Solomon Island Leaf Frogs and is perfect for burrowing and laying eggs. SILF Substrate even makes a great egg incubation media for Solomon Island Leaf Frog eggs!

Simply add dechlorinated water to Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate until damp. You want to be able to squeeze the substrate and have it slightly clump together, but no water should drain out. Change the substrate every 3 months, or sooner if it becomes waterlogged.

3. Artificial Jungle Vine

The Artificial Jungle Vine is perfect for providing some cover for your Solomon Island Leaf Frogs. Bend this vine as you wish, just make sure they'll be able to access all levels of the enclosure.

4. Small Piece of Natural Cork Bark

Cork Bark naturally resists breaking down in a humid environment and provides a great place for your Solomon Island Leaf Frog to hang out under, as well as on. When you change the substrate, scrub this cork bark clean and allow to air dry.

5. Artificial Plant

Plastic Plants serve multiple functions in your pet Solomon Island Leaf Frog's enclosure. Not only do they provide hiding and climbing spaces, but plastic plants also collect water droplets and aid in maintaining moderate levels of humidity, as well as just look good!

6. Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Use this digital gauge to monitor your pet's environment. Aim for a temperature of 72-76F, and a humidity level of 50-70%.

7. Josh's Frogs Spray Bottle

Keep your Solomon Island Leaf Frogs humid with this handy squirt bottle! You'll want to use only distilled or reverse osmosis water to mist your pets. Mist 2-3 times a day (maybe more), to maintain a humidity level of 50-70%.

8. Josh’s Frogs Dechlorinator (4 oz)

Use with water to pull out harmful chlorine. This will help provide the best water for your pet.

For complete care of your SILF buy the SILF Feeder Bundle and the SILF Supplement Bundle

Read the Josh's Frogs Solomon Island Leaf Frog Caresheet.


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