Josh's Frogs

Founding Story

Humble Beginnings

Josh’s Frogs is an inspiring story of success from humble beginnings. It all started in 2004 by Joshua Willard, a former pastor, dart frog hobbyist, and vivarium enthusiast. Josh made flightless fruit fly cultures in his apartment to serve as feeder insects for his personal dart frogs. Though fruit fly cultures existed in the hobby at the time, Josh was driven to find a more convenient, better smelling way to create these cultures. As a way to support his frog hobby and his fruit fly culture experiments, Josh started selling the extra pre-made fruit fly cultures, as well as supplies for kits so others could make their own. Buying and selling fruit flies quickly proved to be profitable, and Josh made the decision to expand the products he would sell to better serve others in the amphibian hobby.
After moving to a house, Josh utilized the space in his garage to continue to sell more products, as well as hired his first couple of employees. His dedication to customer service and quality supplies quickly led to a growing success.

Going Official

In 2009 the company moved to its first official facility in Corunna, Michigan, where it only employed 4 people but continued to grow.
With the extra space, Josh’s Frogs was able to bring plant propagation, care, and shipping in-house and carried a full line of live plants for dart frog vivaria.
The addition of a Plant department wasn't the only new thing! Josh’s Frogs was able to create and sell their own product line of substrate and soils. All of this expansion meant that the company quickly began to run out of space.

Moving on Up

In 2013 Josh made the decision to move Josh’s Frogs into a 36,000 square foot, 5-story warehouse in Owosso, MI. The move was a huge undertaking, and it’s where the company's headquarters still reside today. Then, in the spring of 2020, we purchased the 30,000 square-foot adjoining building; allowing for the expansion of all departments. Since the purchase of these two connected buildings, this location has become the catalyst in propelling Josh's Frogs into the responsible and expanding pet trade that it is today. Currently, we have our hands in not only the amphibian and reptile market but tarantula, isopod, cockroach and moving into aquatic realm as well, not to mention the massively growing live plant selections.
The majority of the plants sold by Josh's Frogs are grown in-house at our greenhouse location in Grand Ledge. This greenhouse produces many rare tropical plant produces-- in excess 10,000 plants per year! One of the shining stars of the greenhouse is the capture and use of rain water as a water supply. We utilize on natural and organic pest control remedies. Not only has this greenhouse innovated how we do things but this has led to the development of many new plant soils and substrates being sold today.
In April of 2021 we continued expanding through the acquisition of a 31,000 square-foot former grocery store in Durand, MI. This space serves as the fulfillment center for many thousands pet supply orders each week. Because of the hard work and dedication of our employees, Josh’s Frogs is now the largest online retailer of reptile and amphibian products, as well as the largest breeder of captive-bred dart frogs in the United States. The company has used the larger space of the warehouse to greatly increase the ever widening variety of live plants, animals, and feeder insects that we offer.

Why We’re Here Today

What sets Josh’s Frogs apart? Our knowledgeable staff is willing to help in any way! Being a leader in the industry, we have created a hub of helpful information gathered from years of experience.
Our website, How-To articles, videos on You-Tube, and tips via social media are available to you at any time. Josh’s Frogs believes in helping people have the best experience in caring for animals.
The following philosophies drive our business:
Customer Service – We’re dedicated to producing the best customer service in the pet industry. We achieve that by responding to customers in a timely manner, checking emails/voicemails/chat messages several times per day, and offering the friendliest service around.
Captive-Bred Animals – You will never see wild-caught animals for sale at Josh’s Frogs. We take great pride in providing only healthy, captive-bred animals to ensure thriving pets.
Education – Josh’s Frogs is dedicated to teaching proper husbandry of our animals. We provide as much information as possible to set people up for success, and all this knowledge is free!
When you order from Josh’s Frogs you’re not just purchasing an animal or product, you’re also purchasing the services and support that is provided to you before, during, and after your purchase. We’re a community, and we’re happy to have you here!
By truly caring about you and your pet’s needs, we have grown to what we are today and owe many thanks to your loyalty.