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Are you as passionate as we are about connecting people with nature?

Does your business share our vision of a sustainable hobby filled with captive-bred animals?

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Wholesale Partners
Sell our catalog of quality products in your brick-and-mortar store or at a tradeshow near you. We have our own proprietary line of substrates, lighting and other dry goods. We have the largest catalog of feeder insects in the United States. We grow live plants and offer only captive-bred animals.


Affiliate Partners
Educate hobbyists about the proper way to care for their pets. Champion captive breeding and bioactive care. Get paid to promote Josh's Frogs products and a better, more sustainable hobby.

Dropship Partners
List your products for sale on the Josh's Frogs marketplace and benefit from the size of our community. You'll handle fulfillment, and we'll handle advertising and customer support.

Supplier Partners
Supply our distribution network with products for us to sell and ship to our customers, or become a certified breeder partner and provide our hobby with captive-bred animals.

Reseller Partners
Place orders on your customers' behalf, and we'll handle fulfillment. This allows brick-and-mortar stores to offer our entire catalog of products, without the need to inventory every SKU.

Advertising Partners
Promote your products and services with print ads in our packages, digital ads on our website, or email blasts to our audience. We also offer print services.

Wholesale Partners

View our digital wholesale catalog

The cover of our wholesale catalog.

In addition to product pricing, our catalog also includes these helpful articles:

  • Bioactive and YOU
    Bring success to your business with bioactive supplies
  • All it Takes is a Frog
    Supporting amphibian conservation worldwide
  • Dealing with Dart Frogs
    Be successful with these awesome amphibians in your business
  • Spinning a Web of Intrigue
    Keeping tarantulas as safe pets
  • Plenty of 'Pods
    New morphs of isopods make great pets or feeders

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