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Fax: 1-888-466-6481

Our friendly customer service reps are available Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm ET, excluding major holidays.

Corporate Office and Order Pickups

312 S. Elm Street
Owosso, MI 48867

Josh's Frogs is a warehouse and is not open to the public.

However, we welcome order pickups that are scheduled in advance (Tuesday - Friday between 10:00am and 4:30pm Eastern). Please contact us via phone or e-mail if you'd like to schedule an order pickup and we'd be happy to accommodate you!

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Why We are the Best

Josh's Frogs is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of excellence possible in everything we do. We adhere to this philosophy by focusing on 4 key characteristics that drive our business.

1. Customer Service - At Josh's Frogs, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the pet industry. We respond to customers in a timely manner, and check emails/voicemails/chat messages several times a day. We do everything we can to ensure that any customer gets what they need in a timely fashion at a great price. Our friendly staff's primary goal is to provide fantastic customer service.

2. Captive-Bred Animals - You will never see a wild caught animal for sale at Josh's Frogs. We take great pride in providing only healthy, captive-bred animals. All of the poison dart frogs we sell are bred by us, for you! Not only do we feel that captive-bred animals make superior pets and are better adapted to life in captivity, but providing captive-bred animals takes pressure off of wild populations of the animals we keep and love. Conservation through Commercialization, the idea that animals in the wild are preserved by meeting the demand for them with captive breeding efforts, is one of the driving forces behind Josh's Frogs.

3. Education - Josh's Frogs is dedicated to educating everyone we can on the proper husbandry of the animals we work with. We do this through blogs and how-to guides, videos, outreach programs, and customer support via email, live chat, and phone. We also routinely give talks at several of the Reptile Shows and Expos we attend on how to properly care for poison dart frogs in captivity. We don't just want to sell you animals or supplies - we want to ensure you get what you need, and know how to use/care for them!

4. Full-Service Website - One of the founding principles behind Josh's Frogs was to provide not only healthy, captive-bred frogs, but all of the things needed to properly care for them. We carry a wide variety of pet supplies, live terrarium plants, one of the largest variety of feeder insects on the web, and of course captive bred frogs. As we grow, we've expanded that philosophy to a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians.

Promptness - Most orders placed by 4:00 PM ET ship the same day!* We work hard to respond to customers ASAP.

Integrity - We've been around since can trust us! Honesty is our best (and only) policy!

Excellence - Highest quality products and feeders and ONLY captive-bred animals!