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Exo Terra Faunarium (Large)

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Size: 14 1/2” x 8 1/2” x 10”

The Exo Terra Faunarium is an easy to use stackable plastic all-purpose terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, mice and arachnids and insects.

  • Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
  • Great for temporary housing or quarantine
  • Transparent plastic door for easy access
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. Due to distribution contracts Hagen has with its distributors around the world, we cannot ship their brands (AquaClear, Exo Terra, Fluval, Marina, and Nutrafin) outside of the United States. Our apologies for any inconvenience!


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Make great homes for tarantulas.

I love these faunariums for my 5-6" tarantula friends. Enough room for them to explore and enough room to put some decorations in. I like using a cork bark hide and silk roses. They are stackable and the lid snaps securely in to place. They also have a feeding door on top and plenty of top ventilation. These are very economical for those with larger T collectiions and the price Josh's frogs offers them at can't be beat. I already have 6 and plan on getting more when the time comes.


Large but not heavy!

Perfect for my own tarantulas, they're much easier to move around and even with substrate, decor and water dishes are not super heavy. Lids are secure as well as the door!

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