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Dwarf Tropical White Isopods - Trichorhina tomentosa (25 count)

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About This Product

**If Isopods experience a rough transit and do not survive their trip to you, the container will often appear empty or shorted as they disintegrate and disappear. If this happens, please contact [email protected]**

Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are the most popular species of isopods for poison dart frog vivaria and other bioactive setups. They're very small (under 1/4 inch), reproduce quickly, and are a great isopod to seed your vivarium.

Isopods make good 'tank janitors', helping to keep the environment clean while providing the occasional calcium-rich snack.

You will receive a 4 oz. container with 25+ Dwarf Tropical White Isopods, along with enough substrate and food to keep them going for a couple weeks. Each culture will seed up to a 29 gallon / 18x18 footprint tank. For larger enclosures, allow the clean-up-crew a month to grow in the enclosure before adding more, or purchase more cultures.

What do I do with this culture?

You can either add the isopods and the substrate in their shipping container directly to your vivarium by dumping them under the moss/leaf litter, or set them up in a larger container to make more isopods (check out our Isopod Culture Kit!). Fill a plastic shoe box about 3/4 full with Josh's Frogs Isopod Substrate, then moisten so that the substrate is wet to the touch, but water does not come out when it's squeezed. Add the contents of the 16oz Isopod Starter Culture, then feed and mist regularly.


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Restrictions on this product that prohibit shipping to the following states: HI.

Live Arrival Guarantee

This product is covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee. If your insect/animal does not arrive in good health, we'll make it right, provided the following criteria are met:

  • If shipped Next Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -40 and 120 °F.
  • If shipped Two Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -20 and 120 °F.
  • If shipped Ground, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between 20 and 85 °F.

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Awesome Iso's

Reviewed on June 13, 2024.

When these little guy's arrived at my doorstep I was thrilled to get them into my tank! When I opened the box to check on them everything was fine, and I could see them happily moving around! I put them straight into the terrarium, and I am happy to say they are settling in nicely! Will definitely buy a whole bunch more!


Awesome! Several Alive and moving around.

These arrived today 3/27/2020 and several moving around! Fantastic! 5 stars and will order more. You guys Rock!


Great Experience!!

I ordered these not long ago for my Crested Gecko's Bioactive setup, and when they came in they were perfect! I didn't see a single passed specimen, and they thrived in my setup. I haven't seen them since they're so small, and I'm getting more from this site.10/10 would recommend!



I ordered these for my Pacmans enclosure and they all came to me alive and well. I did not see a single DOA one. They all adjusted well to the cage and are doing great, so far. They were also packaged well to avoid being tossed around in shipping.


well shipped

They ship these better than Critters Direct, no worry about your isopods drowning. They were shipped in soil and all arrived alive. I live in Florida and can always count on Josh's because they care.

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