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Temperate Springtail (Collembola) 8 oz Culture

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LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED if your temps fall within our LAG (read here). Please check your temps before ordering!

Springtails (Folsomia candida) are tiny arthropods (1-4 mm) and are used as "Tank Janitors" in a terrarium, eating mold and waste. They also make a great supplemental food for your poison dart frogs. This 8oz culture houses springtails on a dirt-like substrate, which can added directly to your vivarium!

When you add springtails to your tanks they will reproduce. Simply dump the entire springtail culture in your terrarium and mix the substrate (springtails and all) in the springtail culture right into your substrate. If you do not want them added directly to your vivarium, we recomend the Temperate Springtail (Collembola) Culture (32 oz) that is housed in charcoal for culturing.

Feed weekly with Josh's Frogs Spring to Life Springtail Food

If you are not adding to terrariums, we recommend that you buy a starter culture and use it start a larger culture (we use 5 qt. Sterilite containers). Larger cultures produce better and are less prone to CO2 buildup. If you use this smaller culture to start a larger culture to feed froglets or seed multiple tanks, allow the culture to grow for a month before use.Each culture will seed up to a 29g / 18x18 size tank. For larger enclosures, allow the clean up crew a month to grow in the enclosure before adding more, or purchase more cultures.


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Restrictions on this product that prohibit shipping to the following states: HI.

Live Arrival Guarantee

This product is covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee. If your insect/animal does not arrive in good health, we'll make it right, provided the following criteria are met:

  • If shipped Ground, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between 0 and 85 °F.
  • If shipped Next Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -40 and 120 °F.
  • If shipped Two Day, the temperature experienced during shipping must remain between -20 and 120 °F.

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Perfect size

Great starter culture. Arrived well but only negative is media makes it hard to get them out and into a larger charcoal based culture. They arrived in what appears to be cocofiber.


Great purchase!

Used one of these in my 20 gallon viv that is currently unoccupied. The population exploded like I was hoping it would and is ready for my frogs quicker than I was expecting!



1st time ordering springtails from anywhere, they were packed nicely and seemed to be lively, so far so good.


Love it

Love it its helping on my bioactive terranium for my crested gecko


Loaded with springtails!

So cool to see the springtails wiggling around in there. They all but disappear in a tank full on plants, isopods and more. Definitely enough to seed a tank and start a culture. Great deal and packaged very well.

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