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Josh's Frogs Charcoal (4 quart)


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About This Product

Charcoal is the ideal substrate for culturing springtails. This high-quality horticultural charcoal offered by Josh's Frogs provides plenty of surface area that springtails need to reproduce and thrive.

Charcoal reduces odors and makes harvesting springtails simple and easy - just add water and pour out the excess water and springtails!

Each 4-quart bag is the perfect amount to start a shoe box sized springtail culture.

Charcoal can also be used as a substrate additive to increase drainage and aeration in terrariums.


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Would absolutely buy again. Great sizing and easy packaging. Springtails are loving it


perfect size

The size of these chunks is perfect. Not like the oversized stuff you get from some places, and not the fine stuff that is sometimes sharp, and gets into places you dont want it to.


Great for spring tails

Using this as suggested for my spring tail cultures and they are booming! Couldn't be any easier to use.



This is very nice, light but solid. It is not pre-rinsed, in case you need that. For springtails I just swish it around in water and drain once. I wouldn't normally put charcoal in my substrate but this is light enough to use for that.


Plenty to last

Pretty decent sized bag, comparably priced to local garden store

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