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Josh's Frogs Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate (10 quart)


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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate is the perfect substrate for your SILFs! We've been using this mix for years, and have found it's the perfect balance of water holding capacity and drainage. Josh's Frogs SILF substrate will aid in maintaining a proper amount of humidity for your Solomon Island Leaf Frogs, and is perfect for burrowing and laying eggs. SILF Substrate even makes a great egg incubation media for Solomon Island Leaf Frog eggs!

How to Prep: Simply add dechlorinated water to Solomon Island Leaf Frog Substrate until damp. You want to be able to squeeze the substrate and have it slightly clump together, but no water should drain out.

Recommended Animals:

  • Solomon Island Leaf Frogs

Recommended Plants:

  • Plants for Solomon Island Leaf Frogs

Note: If you are using live terrarium plants, we recommend leaving the plants in pots, then burying the pots in the substrate - this will make it easier to remove the plants when you change the substrate.

Suitable for Misted Setups: No.

Care: Change the substrate every 3 months, or sooner if it becomes waterlogged.

Not sure if this is the right substrate for your pet? Josh's Frogs also offers Coco Select, Dig It, ABG Mix, Coco Cradle, BioBedding, incubation media, feeder insect beddings, various shredded barks like Aspen, Cypress, Pine, and more!


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