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Canadian Nightcrawlers / Earthworms - 'Lumbricus terrestris' (25 Count)

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About This Product

Nightcrawlers are a nutritious snack for your pet reptiles or amphibians. A wide range of exotics love nightcrawlers, especially aquatic and box turtles, newts, salamanders, and pacman frogs. We sell nightcrawlers 25 (plus an overcount) in a 16oz container. Simply store the worms in the door of your fridge, and feed them to your pets over a several week period.

 We also offer a worm food that can be used for gutloading or as a boost for colony growth!


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Love these!


Good quality

My PacMan frog love the night crawlers I will order more soon


These are the Superworms of Earthworms

I have tried many a places to order big fat worms for my amphibious crew! These are the royal bunch. Fat, and in a nicely packed. They are in an amazing container full of lots of food. I’ve never seen my Pac-Man frog eat as much as he did as when I fed him those worms. They were so big I had to cut them in thirds. My Pac-Man frog is growing beautifully now. I couldn’t be happier but all of this! Thank you so much for sending me the email with these in it. I had no idea you even sold these. I put them on my auto subscribe order because I’m going to feed him to all my amphibians!

Snik's mom (gartersnake)

Great nightcrwlers, great service.

Have ordered several times through Amazon. Always fast, great condition, and last long in the fridge.



it was ok

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