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Hornworm Habitat Cup (25 Count Cup)

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About This Product

Hornworms are a fantastic feeder for your pet reptile and amphibians. They're high in calcium (47mg/100g) and low in fat (3%). Hornworms also have a soft exoskeleton, making eating and digestion easy! A wide variety of reptiles and amphibians love hornworms, including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, Pac-Man frogs, monitors, tegus, skinks, pixie frogs, and many tree frogs.

This culture has a healthy gutload food for hornworms, as well as at least 25 (generally 28-30) small, fat, healthy hornworms, ready to be fed to your pets. These hornworms are approximately 1/2 inch when they are shipped out. They will grow in transit, and will be larger when you receive them (especially in warm weather). You can also allow the worms to continue to grow. With the food present, they will reach around 1.5 inches long.

If you're looking for larger hornworms, check out our 12 count Hornworm Cups. They also start out small, but have enough food to grow to 4 inches or so.

Try Repashy's SuperHorn to serve up more food for your hornworms! Now available in 3 oz., 6 oz., 12 oz., and 70.4 oz. jars!

How to Store: Keep the pod upside down, with the food at the top. This way, the hornworms will climb up to eat and their waste will fall to the 'bottom' of the container for easy cleanup. Make sure to place them on a wire rack or something similar so that they receive proper ventilation. Hornworms will grow the fastest when kept in the low 80s, but can be kept as low as the mid 50s to slow their growth. Hornworms can also be kept in the fridge (at 45°F) for up to 2 days, then removed for one day, to slow growth.

How to Feed to Your Pet: Hornworms are best tong-fed or at least under supervision, as they will climb and explore any enclosure they're put in. They can also potentially bite your critters—although it's not hard, it could still be irritating and stressful to your animals.

Check out our video: The Tips and Tricks of Feeding Hornworms


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Best Yet!

Reviewed on June 17, 2024.

These are wonderful, plentiful, lively, smaller hornworms - perfect! They grow beautifully and are the best and healthiest I've seen for the price - so impressed :) Josh's also has wonderful customer service and has been great to work with if there are any blips. Love these guys!



I have purchased them now twice from Josh's frogs and both times where perfectly healthy, also they give you few extra it seems with each order. Well worth the price also very fast shipping!!!



I wanted to try something different for my Uroplatus Sikorae's, so I purchased a small 25 count cup. They didn't last more than 5 minutes in my Sikorae's enclosures. They arrived promptly and in good health. When the time comes, will be definitely purchasing more.


Bearded dragon

My girl LOVES these. She jumps when she sees them lol


My beardie loves these!

Arrived healthy, no DOA. Best price around.

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