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Zoo Med Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

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About This Product

Quick-reading digital Hygrometer & Thermometer.

  • Independent remote probes: Measure heat & humidity at different locations!
  • Battery included - Ready to use.
  • Two 39 inch (one meter) long independent probes and sensors allow for monitoring of heat and humidity at different locations.
  • Use in terrariums, incubators or other pet animal applications.
  • Waterproof temperature probe can be used in air or submerged in water. (Humidity probe not waterproof, do not submerge in water.)
  • One LR44 1.5v batter and mounting suction cups included.


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This seems to function well and gives me readings of both temp and humidity, I do have to take it down from it's stand in order to read it though due to angle.

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