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Temp. and Humidity

Your pet reptiles and amphibians are entirely dependent on their captive environment for their well being. Both temperature and relative humidity must be monitored in order to insure that they are suitable for your reptile or amphibian's care needs.

Josh's Frogs offers a wide range of products designed to do just that - and help your pet live a long, healthy life.                           

Temperature monitoring is one of the most important factors vital to your pet reptile or amphibian's health. Both reptiles and amphibians are ectothermic, meaning that they are entirely dependent on their surroundings for their body temperature. It's very important to provide a thermal gradient (warm end - cool end) to allow your pet reptile to thermoregulate, or move to adjust it's body temperature. In order to ensure your pet reptile or amphibian is exposed to a proper temperature range, temperatures must be monitored closely.

Humidity monitoring is of vital importance to all species of reptiles and amphibians. Without the proper humidity, reptiles will not be able to shed properly. Humidity tends to impact amphibians more severely - frogs, newts, and the like can simply dry up if not provided with the proper humidity. Regardless of the origin of your pet reptile or amphibian, if it inhabits the harshest desert or the moist tropical rainforest, humidity is necessary to it's well being. Humidity is generally raised with the addition of water to your pet's enclosure.

Thermostats are designed to maintain temperatures inside a set acceptable range. Temperature is typically monitored by a probe, which is placed inside your pet reptile’s enclosure. The thermostat ensures that your heating device will not overheat your reptile or amphibian's environment, which can quickly stress out your pet, and even lead to death. Thermostats are a vital safeguard that protect your pet from extreme temperatures, and you from heartbreak.


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Temp. and Humidity


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