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Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors vital to your pet reptile or amphibian's health. Both reptiles and amphibians are ectothermic, meaning that they are entirely dependent on their surroundings for their body temperature. It's very important to provide a thermal gradient (warm end - cool end) to allow your pet reptile to thermoregulate, or move to adjust it's body temperature. Heat can easily be provided using one or more of our huge selection of reptile and amphibian heating products in our Heating for Reptiles section of Josh's Frogs. In order to ensure your pet reptile or amphibian is exposed to a proper temperature range, temperatures must be monitored closely. The quality products listed below will allow you to monitor your pet's temperature, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Josh's Frogs also strongly recommends reading our blogs 'Cooling your Vivarium' and 'Heating your Vivarium'. Both helpful how-to articles will clearly instruct you on how to control temperature extremes in your pet's enclosure.

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