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Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula - Caribena versicolor | 1/2 inch (Captive Bred)

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About This Product

SPECIAL NOTE: USPS forbids shipping venomous spiders or scorpions in the mail.

Because of this, we ship these animals FedEx priority overnight for a flat fee of $39.99.

Defining Characteristics: 

  • Original species description was based on a male and female from two different species, causing future taxonomic confusion
  • Able to jump up to 30cm
  • Regarded as one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the hobby

Name: Caribena versicolor: The name translates to Caribbean (“Caribena”) and changeable in color (“versicolor”). Thus it is the Caribbean color-changing tarantula. This name is probably a reference to the variety of coloration found over its body, ranging from blue-greens to purple. The common name references the island chain from which the species originates and the pink pads of its terminal tarsi. The species was originally categorized in the genus Aviculara. 

Recommended Enclosure Size & Setup: Antilles pink toes can be kept in a 12x12x18 inch enclosure, as species in this genus tend to build their nests toward the top of the terrarium. They are arboreal so they will also benefit from a variety of terrarium furniture as well to climb on.

ABG mixcoco cradle, and Dig-It are all good substrate options for this species, but our Pet Bug Team prefers ABG all the way! 4-5 inches of substrate will help the terrarium retain humidity while still allowing for this species' high ventilation requirements.

Want to spice up your enclosure with live plants? Our experts have curated kits of easy-to-care-for and SAFE plants for your tarantula. Check them out here!

Temperature (°F): 78-82°. This spider’s native habitat is highly stable in temperature and humidity, making a low-powered heating pad with thermostat to establish a heat gradient necessary. The spider will situate itself in whatever part of the heat gradient it finds comfortable.

Humidity: 75-80% 

Size: At the time of sale, these specimens will measure at least 1/2 inch. Females can reach 5-6 inches, and males are somewhat smaller.

Age: Males live 2-3 years, with females significantly outliving them at 8-12 years.

Feeding: These spiders are currently feasting on a few Drosophila hydei fruit flies weekly. As it grows, so should its prey. Spiderlings can be fed as frequently as they are willing to eat but should be fed at least twice a week otherwise. We recommend that the prey items not be much longer than the tarantula's “head” is wide. Larvae are an exception—our larvae are harmless. Since they are very high in fat, they're not the best staple diet, however they make a great weight gain supplement.

Remove uneaten prey items after 24 hours, these may stress your animal out or endanger the spider during molting. Never attempt to feed a freshly molted tarantula less than a week after their molt to prevent injury to the spider. Depending on its age, the hardening process could take anywhere from 48 hours all the way up to a week.

Sexing: To identify a male or female before it has reached sexual maturity, you will need to examine its cast skin. Females will have a folded area in the abdominal region which will eventually connect to her spermatheca when she is mature.

Alternatively, when sexually mature, the spiders may be sexed based on the proportion of their abdomen to the rest of their body. The male’s abdomen will be smaller than its cephalothorax while the female’s will be about the same size or slightly larger. This method is much easier than using a cast skin as this species is very small and identifying the characters previously described will probably require a microscope.

Due to their age, Antilles Pink Toe tarantulas sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed animals.

Color/Pattern: The Antilles pink toe tarantula is rightly regarded as gorgeous with a metallic blue-green sheen to its carapace (most clear on its cephalothorax which is devoid of hair), and pink to purple hairs covering its abdomen and legs. These hairs are quite long, giving the tarantula a fluffy appearance. The hairs are urticating however so we advise resisting the urge to pet it.

Social BehaviorC. versicolor are not social creatures, and any attempts to cohabitate will likely result in cannibalism.

Natural Range: Martinique (a region of France, Caribbean island that’s part of the Lesser Antilles)

Links of Interest:

  • Arachnoboards: a community of spider enthusiasts that will be able to or have already answered almost any question you can think of with regards to tarantulas.


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Very happy

Thankyou Josh’s Frogs, for my new smol spooder. He/she is beautiful and already had her 1st feed. No bigger than my pinky.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Super Healthy and Gorgeous

It arrived alive and healthy and exactly as described.

Jovonna B

5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing C. Versicolor and Excellent Customer Service

I am beyond impressed with Josh’s Frogs. I received a healthy, beautiful sling. Customer service helped me with everything I needed and answered every question I had!!! My little buddy has been with me for a week now and is very content and active in his or her habitat. If I could give you all a million stars I would. Thank you all for everything!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing Experience Purchasing A Beautiful Healthy Sling

After the unfortunate event of my daughters first Antilles Pinktoe sling passing we were on the hunt for another. After watching a video done by Emily from Snake Discovery we decided to check out Josh's Frog. I was asked if there was anything they could help me witn on the web chat they have. They answered tons of questions and eased concerns I had. I finally decided to purchase another Antilles from them and it was a smooth easy transaction. They even went above and beyond to make sure shipping it to my husband in another state went smoothly. My daughters new Antilles Sling arrived looking healthier than what her other did from another breeder. It seems to be settling in very nicely and I absolutely can not wait to make another purchase of tarantulas from yall. I only wish Icould attach pictures of how beautiful and healthy it is.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent little sling

Just got my C. versicolor and I couldn't be happier. The packaging was awesome and the sling is healthy and beautiful. Would highly recommend Josh's to anyone looking to aquire one of these guys. Will definitely be adding more to my collection.

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