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About This Product

Superworms are about 1.25-2 inches in length—because it is a natural product sizes may vary slightly. Superworms have long been a staple feeder insect in the reptile and amphibian hobby. Actually larvae of the darkling beetle Zophobas morio, superworms are inexpensive and easy to store before feeding them to your reptile or amphibian—simply keep them at room temperature and provide them with a food/water source, such as a carrot.

You can also keep them on Josh's Frogs Mealworm & Superworm Bedding which doubles as a food source—just be sure to offer a moisture source, such as watering gel, a carrot or potato.

Josh's Frogs offers superworms in 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, and 1000 count quantities.

How to Feed: Superworms can be fed as a treat or staple, depending on the animals you're feeding, but should not make up the bulk of the diet of your pet. Make sure to dust superworms with a proper vitamin and mineral supplement before being fed to your pet. Feed superworms using feeding tongs or in a worm dish.

Superworms are great feeder insects for leopard geckos, monitors, fat tail geckos, bearded dragons, large lizards, large geckos, wild birds, and fish. Many common pet reptiles, such as bearded dragons, absolutely love superworms.

How to Store: When Josh's Frogs ships superworms, they are packed in an organza bag with egg crate and zip tied for security (150 - 1000 count), or in a vented container with wheat bran (25 and 50 count). Keep superworms at room temperature. As superworms go bad, they will become dark in color and eventually turn black and spoil. Discard any black superworms. Older superworms may pupate. These pupae may still be offered to your pet. Discard adult beetles, as most animals find these distasteful. Under ideal conditions, superworms should keep for several weeks.

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