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Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (2.25 oz)

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About This Product

ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner

The first instant terrarium water conditioner. Great for reptile water bowls, chameleon drip water systems, amphibian enclosures, and aquatic turtle tanks. ReptiSafe® removes chloramines and chlorine, detoxifies ammonia and nitrites, and provides essential ions and electrolytes which help to hydrate newly acquired animals. Also stimulates slime coat development in amphibians and fish.


Water, Dechloraminating Agent, Synthetic Organic Polymers (Colloids), Chelating Agent, Electrolytes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How long does the water need to sit before I can use it?
A: The ReptiSafe water conditioner removes chlorine and chloramines and adds electrolytes instantly. You can use the water right after treatment for your reptiles.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Nice small size

This small bottle has lasted me several months with just one Leo.

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