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Josh's Frogs Mango Leaf Litter (10 leaves)


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Mango leaves (Garcinia mangostanaare a great option for leaf litter and natural décor in terrariums, and an especially great addition to blackwater aquariums. They also look fantastic in other aquatic tanks. Harvested and dried naturally, mango leaves are eco-friendly and contain no pesticides.

Mango leaves provide many benefits to your tank:

  • help to naturally lower pH
  • release tannins into your aquarium
  • hold many antimicrobial properties

They may take several days to sink and will typically release good bacteria into the aquarium within several weeks. If you want the leaves to sink more quickly, you can boil them before adding them to the aquarium. As the leaves break down, they'll produce a biofilm that your invertebrates will consume (catfish love it as well). You can leave these in your tank as a food source, and also add fresh leaves as needed.

Leaf litter can mimic a natural environment for many species of fish. Mango leaves can be mixed with other leaf litter for a more varied, enriched environment.

These can also be used as leaf litter in reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate enclosures! Leaves can provide not only a natural look, but also visual barriers and hiding spots to make your friends feel safe and secure.

As these are natural products, each leaf will vary slightly in size and shape. Individual leaves measure an average of approximately 9.5 x 3 inches.

Package contains 10 mango leaves.


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