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Josh's Frogs Guava Leaf Litter (10 leaves)


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About This Product

Harvested from guava trees and dried naturally, our eco-friendly guava leaves contain no pesticides or chemicals. They may take several days to sink and will typically release beneficial bacteria into the aquarium within several weeks. At this time, they'll begin to break down. Guava leaves soften more slowly than some other types of leaves, so they can last longer in your aquarium. Tannins produced by guava leaves affect water color less than many other leaves do.

Guava Leaves – Give your aquarium a natural look, while at the same time providing advantages to your fish and shrimp:

  • tannins in the leaves provide antibacterial properties
  • aquarium leaf litter will produce a biofilm that shrimp and other inverts, as well as catfish, will use as a food source
  • a leaf litter bed will serve as cover for fry

Leaf litter can mimic a natural environment for many species of fish. Guava leaves can be mixed with other leaf types for a more varied, enriched environment.

These can also be used as leaf litter in reptile, amphibian, and intertebrate enclosures! Leaves can provide not only a natural look, but also visual barriers and hiding spots to make your friends feel safe and secure.

As these are natural products, each leaf will vary slightly in size and shape. They typically range from 2.75-5.9 inches in length. Package contains 10 guava leaves.


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