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Josh's Frogs Large Jackfruit Leaf Litter (10 leaves)


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About This Product

Jackfruit leaves provide unique aesthetics and can help mimic a natural environment for many fish species. These eco-friendly leaves will impart tannins into your water, which is especially helpful for certain biotopes.

In some parts of the world, the Jackfruit leaves are found in water systems because the trees overhang river banks, where the leaves fall in the water beneath them and decompose. Jackfruit in general contains phytonutrients and provides many health benefits to humans. In an aquarium, they will provide fertilization to your plants and a leaf litter bed for your aquatic friends.

Jackfruit leaves can be mixed with other leaf types for a more varied, enriched environment.

These can also be used as leaf litter in reptile, amphibian, and intertebrate enclosures! Leaves can provide not only a natural look, but also visual barriers and hiding spots to make your friends feel safe and secure.

As these are natural products, each leaf will vary slightly in size and shape. Typically they measure around 3x6".

Package contains 10 jackfruit leaves.


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