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Josh's Frogs Small Cashew Leaves (10 count)

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About This Product

Cashew leaves are eco-friendly, as they're harvested and dried naturally, and are pesticide-free. When placed in your aquarium, they'll naturally float and may take a few days to sink. If you'd like them to get to the bottom faster, they can be boiled for 30-45 minutes before adding them into the tank. Leaf litter will typically produce a biofilm as it breaks down, which invertebrates and catfish both will consume, and cashew leaves will also produce algal growth as another food source. Cashew leaves are more effective as a leaf litter when mixed with other types of leaves – this creates a good flooring to use with live plants as well.

These can also be used as leaf litter in reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate enclosures! Leaves can provide not only a natural look, but also visual barriers and hiding spots to make your friends feel safe and secure.

Cashew leaves are known for a number of benefits in general, including:

  • antiseptic properties
  • rich in antioxidants
  • antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties

Because these are natural products, size, shape, and coloration of individual leaves will vary; however, the approximate size of each measures 3” x 6”

Package contains 10 Cashew leaves


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