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Leaf Litter

Leaf litter is an integral part of a naturalistic vivaria. It slowly breaks down, providing both organic food for the microfauna and plants in the tank. Leaf litter also provides hiding places and visual barriers for the larger inhabitants of the vivarium. It is the final layer in the vivarium. Leaf litter may consist of Live Oak, Sea Grape, Magnolia, or a combination of the three, or any other non-toxic leaf that is chemical-free. Typically, southern or tropical varieties of leaves are used, as these tend to be thicker, and take longer to break down in the vivaria. Josh's Frogs is committed to providing quality leaf litter to our customers.

Not sure what other naturalistic vivarium substrates you need for setting up your vivarium? Check out our Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates section, and also please read 'Vivarium Substrate Overview', our comprehensive how-to guide on vivarium substrates.

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Leaf Litter


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