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Josh's Frogs Mealworm Kit


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About This Product

This kit contains much of what you need to house mealworms.  This kit includes:

1. 6 qt. Culturing Container

This plastic culturing container is perfect for housing several thousand mealworms for a long period of time. Josh's Frogs recommends cleaning out the container with a 5% bleach solution between batches of mealworms.

2. Cardboard Egg Flat

A cardboard egg flat is ideal for providing a place for your mealworms to crawl on, and can be used to gather them when you need some mealworms for feeding - just pick up the egg crate and shake the mealworms off into a feeding cup. Typically, there will be some mealworms hanging out on the egg flat. Josh's Frogs recommends dividing the egg flat in two, and placing the pieces on top of the mealworm bedding.

3. Josh's Frogs Mealworm Bedding

Josh's Frogs Mealworm Bedding, made of nutritious wheat bran, is the perfect substrate and food source for both mealworms and superworms. Mealworm Bedding also makes the perfect breeding substrate for mealworms! Add Mealworm Bedding to the culturing container to a depth of 3-4". To breed mealworms, simply take care of them as usual until they pupate and turn into beetles, then introduce the beetles into an uninhabited breeding container or let them stay in the existing container. Mealworms will need a water source - Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel, carrots, or potatoes work well for this.

4. Mealworms - 100 ct.

With this kit, you'll also receive 100 healthy, thriving mealworms for culturing or feeding, straight from Josh's Frogs!


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4.9 out of 5 stars

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Overall quality/simplicity is amazing

I ordered this kit with 3 bins, 20 egg flats (because why not), (select id from user where magento_id = 1) thing of worms, and 1 thing of bedding (should have gotten 2). Everything I orderer was there and in perfect condition, packed neatly into a large rectangular box. When setting everything up, it was super easy, and every single one of the worms was alive. I recommend this to anyone thinking about buying the kit, especially since you hardly have to do anything with them, just feed em and let them do their thing.


5.0 out of 5 stars

customizable, great price, arrived alive and healthy, shipped fast

this is my first attempt at raising my own mealworms, this kit is so easy to set up and includes everything you need to get started. great price! it s great that it can be customized to fit what you need. i would definately reccomend this as a perfect starter!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Starter Kit

This kit was so helpful for me because it included everything I needed to properly house meal worms for my gecko. As a first time owner, feeding reptiles can seem really scary and confusing, so it's both a relief and convenient to have this kit available. Plus, the price is extremely affordable and everything I received was of great quality.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Love My Mealworms Kit

This kit was perfect for my household. We live in a fairly small space and so the container was perfect size.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing quality and fast service

We ordered these because our local stores have been super understocked because of the stay in place order. The quality of the container was better than I expected. The bedding bag larger than I thought it was going to be which I was very happy to see and the mealworms were nice and fat and healthy. My lizards are going to love these!

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