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Josh's Frogs Dubia Roach Breeding Kit

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Josh's Frogs has the proper USDA permits in place to legally ship dubia roaches across most state lines. As long as you do not live in one of those states, you can legally order and receive dubia roaches from Josh's Frogs. A copy of the relevant permits is available via email upon ordering. We partnered with the USDA to create a handout informing any insect/animal/plant purchasers to not release organisms into the wild, and how to dispose of them properly. This informative flier is included free of charge with every dubia roach purchase.

Dubia roaches are a great alternative feeder insect for many pet reptiles and amphibians that prefer larger prey items. Best of all, they are easily and economically bred providing a virtually unlimited food source for your pets! Here's how to breed dubia roaches with the Josh's Frogs Dubia Roach Breeding Kit. The Dubia Roach Breeding Kit includes:

15 Egg Flats

Eggs flats are the most economical way to provide surface area for your dubia roaches. In short, the more surface area = the more space for dubia roaches to grow and breed!

Coconut Coir Brick

Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle brick is an ideal substrate for a dubia roach culture. At Josh's Frogs, we've found using substrate in a dubia enclosure helps maintain the high humidity dubia thrive in, and provide more space for baby dubia roaches to hide.

Dubia Roaches - 5 adult males, 10 adult females, 100 - 1/4", 100 - 1/2"-3/4", 100 - 3/4"-1"

By adding a wide range of sizes of dubia roaches to a breeding colony at one time, you'll get babies almost immediately, and not find yourself without breeding adults when the included males and females die of old age.

For more information on setting up and utilizing the Josh's Frogs Dubia Roach Breeding Kit, please read our blog on How to Set Up Dubia Roaches for Breeding.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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Awesome kit

Such an easy way to get a colony started. It's great that I can remove items or change quantities based on my needs. Everything arrived well-packaged and carefully organized. Thanks to the great how-to guide and video, I was able to get my roaches up and running in no time!


Still alive and healthy

They arrived alive and healthy. Well packaged. 4 months later and they have reproduced very well, and all adults are still alive.


Healthy adults and great set up

I bought this kit with the adults and they came very healthy. Also the substrate is great and eggflats are inexpensive and useful. I have a little colony started. I am very happy with thus purchase.


Fast and as Described

I received this kit within 2 days of ordering and set it up right away. Not one roach arrived dead and the packaging was professional and done well. The best dubia roach buying experience yet.


Great quality and quick shipping

I just received my Dubia Roach Breeding Kit and am very impressed. They all arrived alive and look great. Very well packaged. I ordered it on the 17th and received it on the 19th. I will definitely be ordering from Josh's Frogs again!

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