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Laguna Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing 1/2" ID (Per Foot)


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About This Product

This rigid, reinforced tubing is perfect for use foamed into place in the background of a vivarium. Unlike other vinyl tubing, Josh's Frogs Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing will not kink or collapse when the spray foam expands. Vivarium Background Waterfall Tubing is easy to use, colored black so it won't stand out, and sold by the foot, and has an internal diameter of 1/2".


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as you would expect

This stuff works! helps move loads of water. Buy more than you need, and trim the extra off. Its plenty durable, and can be positioned however you want. It also wont collapse is you foam over it!



Flexible, durable, doesn't retract with foam, overall quality A+!


Great flexible tubing

I was able to wind this tubing all over the background of my terrarium. It also maintained its structure in both Great Stuff foam, and Gorilla Glue. I ordered 2 units and got 2 continuous feet which was just what I wanted.

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