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25 Days of Christmas


Why is everyone loving dubias?

"My Leopard Gecko loves these a lot better than crickets and they are so much easier to keep. I will be ordering more."

"They are clean, quiet, and cannot jump."

Getting all your supplies in one place isn't just a wish anymore! Order roaches with other feeder insects or other supplies you need in one shipment. Plus, it ships fast! Orders ship within just a couple of days if placed by 4PM EST!! 

We've been shipping live insects for over a decade and have learned all the best methods! Just in case something does happen in shipping, we have a generous 3 Day Live Insect Health Insurance Policy to cover your insects up to three days after arrival!

*Some delays may occur with live orders placed Thursday-Sunday. Visit the Shipping & Returns page for our full shipping schedule.


Live Arrival Guaranteed in any weather for insects and plants. Read more about our Live Arrival Guarantee Here.

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