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1/2 - 3/4" Discoid Roaches - Blaberus discoidalis (25 count)

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Check out Josh’s Frogs Discoid Roaches, the perfect feeders for your pets! Whether you have reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, birds, or other insect-eating creatures, you'll find that these roaches make an excellent addition to their diet. Anything that eats dubia roaches can eat discoid roaches! Their ease of care and low maintenance make them an excellent choice for pet owners and reptile enthusiasts alike.

Discoid roaches have a lifespan of approximately 15 months, maturing in just 3-5 months. To extend their longevity, consider setting up a colony—this way, you can feed nymphs all the way to adulthood and ensure a constant supply of nutritious roaches for your pets. They cannot climb smooth surfaces like glass or plastic, making containment and feeding a breeze.

How to Store: Upon receiving your discoid roaches, simply remove them from their shipping container and place them in a larger receptacle.

Depending on your needs, there are different storage options:

  • If you plan to feed them to your pet immediately and don't intend to breed them, a Kritter Keeper or storage tote with climbing material (egg crate, cardboard tubes, etc.) is ideal.
  • If you're interested in breeding discoids, we recommend a 10-gallon aquarium or an equivalently sized storage tote. Inside the enclosure, provide 2-3 inches of coco fiber substrate and egg flats for the roaches to live and breed on. With the right conditions, you'll soon have a thriving colony of discoid roaches!

Discoid roaches thrive in temperatures ranging from 80° to 95°F, and humidity levels between 50% and 60%.

To promote healthy growth, offer them a diet of fruits, vegetables, and dry roach food. We supplement with fish flakes every other feeding to ensure ample protein. Otherwise, they may start to cannibalize.

Nutritional Analysis: Nutritional value will vary based on their diet, but with proper feeding they typically contain:

Crude protein: 20% | Crude Fat: 7% | Moisture: 66%

How to Feed to your Pet: You can tong-feed discoid roaches directly to your pet or serve them in a dish with high walls to prevent escape. Don’t forget your supplements!

Hop on the discoid train and provide your pets with a reliable and nutritious food source. Whether you're maintaining a diverse diet for your reptiles or starting a breeding colony, discoid roaches are a fantastic option. Order yours today and watch your pets thrive!

Roaches are trickier to size-sort than other feeders. Expect size variations, and keep in mind that we include an extra 10% to cover any anomalies.


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