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About This Product

The Bearded Dragon 40B Bioactive Tankless Kit contains everything you need for the care of a juvenile Bearded Dragon. As your animal grows, you will want to increse your enclosure size to at least a 48" x 18" footprint. It includes:

1. Screen Top (36" x 18" - 40/50 Gallon)

A screen top provides adequate ventilation for the animal, while insuring that it does not escape, or other pets/children do not easily get in to the habitat.

2. Josh's Frogs BioBedding Desert (10L) x 3

This bioactive substrate is perfect for your bearded dragon. We recommend placing about 1/2 of a bag in a bucket or other watertight container, and adding dechlorinated water to it until it sticks together when sqeezed. Squeeze out excess water, then place this damp layer at the bottom of your tank. Add the rest of the biobedding to the enclosure and cover the wet layer completely.

3. Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Digital meters are an accurate way to insure that your pet bearded dragon is being kept at the proper temperature and humidity. During the day, basking spot temperatures should reach 105-110F, and the opposite end of the enclosure should be in the high 70s/low 80s F. At night, the enclosure should be kept above 65F.

Aim for a humidity level of 30-50%.

4. Mercury Vapor

Mercury Vapor Bulbs are a great source of UVB light and heat. This bulb should only be used in a Wire Fixture like the one included in the kit. Replace the mercury vapor bulb once a year to maintain adequate levels of UVB light.

5. Josh's Frogs No Escape Food Bowl - Large

Mealworms, superworms, waxworms, and black soldier fly larvae make great treats for your pet bearded dragon. This food bowl is specially designed so that crawling insects cannot escape the confines of the bowl, and are thus easily consumed by your lizard.

6. Water Bowl

It is important to provide your pet with fresh water daily, as the water bowl will often double as a latrine.

7. Wire Clamp Lamp

Use this fixture with the included Mercury Vapor Bulb. The fixture is designed to provide maxium air flow around the bulb, thus lowering it's running temperature and increasing the bulb's life. Leave this fixture on for 12 hours a day.

8. Driftwood x 3

Manzanita is a great kind of wood for use in arid terrariums. The piece of driftwood should be placed under the basking spot, and cleaned by scrubbing it under hot water.

9. Cork flats x 5

In nature, geckos spend much of their time in burrows, under logs, etc – out of view. This is important to replicate in captivity for the gecko's well being. Our natural cork flats hold up well in the bioactive environment, and look very natural - because they are! Place four pieces of cork stacked on the warm end of the enclosure, and the other piece on the cool end.

10. 36" Green Glo LED fixture

This state of the art LED fixture will provide your plants and beardie with the visible light they need to thrive.

11. Clean up Crew

These springtails and isopods will colonize the damp portions of Biobedding Desert, especially around the base of plants, under the water bowl, and under humid hides. They'll venture out at night to consume shed, poop, and dead insects.

12. Josh's Frogs Desert Plant Kit

Finish off your bioactive kit with some live plants! These plants have been carefully selected to grow well in this environment, and will thrive along with your gecko. 

14. Josh's Frogs Spray Bottle (16 oz)

In their natural habitat, bearded dragons get moisture from their diet, as well as from morning dew. To replicate this dew, lightly spray the enclosure every night. Make sure to use declorinated, reverse osmosis, or distilled water. Take care to mist more directly under hides and at the base of plants.

15. Josh’s Frogs Dechlorinator (4 oz)

Use with water to pull out harmful chlorine. This will help provide the best water for your pet.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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