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Cork Tube (Medium)


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Cork Tubes are sections of bark from trees farmed in Portugal. Cork is a completely renewable resource, as the trees can be harvested every 7 years. Cork Tubes make great decor or hides for your reptiles or amphibians, or can be used to make a background in a vivarium or terrarium. Cork Tubes from Josh's Frogs will hold up in a wide range of environments, and make a great addition to any vivarium or terrarium!

  • Small cork tubes are approximately 6-8 inches in length
  • Medium cork tubes are approximately 8-13 inches in length
  • Large cork tubes are approximately 13-20 inches in length

Use cork to make a fake background, learn how by reading our how-to guide, Don't Back Down from the Background! Learn how to make a fake tree using cork tubes with out How-To Guide!


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