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Dried Sheet Moss (1 Gallon Bag)


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Dried Sheet Moss (1 Gallon Bag)

Josh’s Frogs Dried Sheet Moss (1 Gallon Bag) is 100% real moss that has been preserved by using heat and colored using food safe dyes. Use Josh’s Frogs Dried Sheet Moss for craft projects such as topiaries and as a soil cover for potted plants. Josh’s Frogs Dried Sheet Moss will perk up temporarily if misted lightly prior to use but will not grow.

For use in animal vivariums and terrariums:

Josh’s Frogs Dried Sheet Moss can be maintained as it is by keeping it dry. This is, for the most part, a decorative moss and it will not grow. If there are spores still viable after the preservation process, they may sprout but you must water the moss regularly with distilled or reverse osmosis water and keep it under bright light. It will most likely turn yellow/brown and decompose, which is a natural process. This moss can be placed on top of a damp planting substrate such as sphagnum moss, ABG mix, or potting soil. You can also attach this moss to wood or rock. If you are looking for a live Sheet Moss that is actively growing, try Josh’s Frogs Fresh Sheet Moss.


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Great for floor substrate. Don't waste your time with sphagnum moss (my opinion). This is the stuff you want. You get alot, more than a square foot. The product is dry, save on shipping and ship it normal dry product. Just a heads up for noobies. Comes back to life when it it gets wet.


So. Much. Moss.

I was surprised at how much moss they fit in this bag! I pulled out a huge piece (over 1 sq ft) to take some pieces from and it wasn't even half the bag. After I took the couple of pieces I needed from it I had to struggle to fit it all back in the bag to save for another project. The green color was very nice (and natural) and it looks amazing after wetting it down - I can't wait for this to take off in my tank. If you're looking for a good amount of moss at a great price don't hesitate to pick this up.


This moss is worth getting.

One bag was more than enough to completely cover all the substrate in a 20 gallon long aquarium. It's beautiful and doesn't seem too hard to keep happy. Mine is kept under two 24 inch T5 lights and is misted daily. So far, after a couple of weeks, it seems healthy and vibrant.


GREAT stuff!

There was so much I have some for a another time. Looks wonderful stays so green( unlike some others I have used) my fire belly toads love it. They could not wait to get on it and check it out. Would recommend to any one. THANKS!


More than enough

Ordered this for accents, but I was not expecting this much moss (that's a good thing)! I have no idea how i"ll use it all! The moss is beautiful and easy to work with.

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