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Josh's Frogs Aquarium & Paludarium Sand (10 lbs)


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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Aquarium and Paludarium Sand is the perfect substrate for your small aquarium, paludarium, or water feature. It's dark, black coloration really allows fish, aquatic invertebrates, and plants to pop. It is prewashed and inert in water.

How to Use: Apply sand to the bottom of an enclosure, then slowly add water. We recommend setting a flat rock or small dish on top of the sand and pouring water on that, so that the substrate is not disturbed. Allow the enclosure to sit until the water column is clear (generally 6-12 hours), before turning on any water circulation pump.

How to Clean: Along with regular water changes, carefully use a gravel vac to remove debris from the sand. Most debris will sit on the surface of the sand.


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