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Acrylic Invertebrate Enclosure - Top Ventilation (3 7/16" x 3 7/16" x 6 5/16")


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About This Product

Looking to house your new tarantula sling in style? Well, Josh's Frogs has the perfect option for you! These crystal clear acrylic display cases have already been pre-drilled with a single, 2.5" top ventilation hole and are ready to be set up for your 8 legged pet. This tarantulas enclosure is suitable for housing a terrestrial tarantula (such as Chilean Rose Hair, Mexican Red Knee, or Curly Hairs) up to 1" in leg span, or arboreal species of tarantula (Green Bottle Blue, Pink Toe) with a leg span of up to 1.5".

How to Use:

Simply rinse the acrylic display with water, then dry. Add about 1/2" of substrate and a piece of cork bark, and you're ready to go! Water based on the humidity needs of your tarantula sling.


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