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FABRIC Vented Insect Cup Lid


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Fabric Vented Insect Cup Lids from Josh's Frogs are perfect for fruit fly cultures, waxworm cultures, and as a top for many deli cups that require ventilation.

These great quality fabric vented insect cup lids are suitable for use with most deli cups. We recommend them for our 8 oz. and 16 oz. shipping containers, 32 oz. fruit fly cups, and 16 oz. tadpole cups. Fabric vented insect cup lids will NOT WORK with clear display deli cups.


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Great lid!

I love these for baby mantises because they can grip the top of the lid better! They also work well for fruit flies!


nice lids

The fabric is nice, but the thing i like most, is the durability. Sometimes, after taking the lid off enough, the old ones would crack a little. With these, i have yet to even feel any strain in the material on any of my cultures.


great for mantis nymphs

These work great for young/small mantis nice fabric lets them hang off ceiling easily. Pairs well with 32 oz. cups


Great lid

Keeps bugs in, has good ventilation.


Works great!

Works very well for keeping the fruit flies in but also allows for good air flow.

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