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Excelsior (makes 20 fruit fly cultures)


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Josh's Frogs is a leading source of quality excelsior, also known as wood wool. Excelsior is ideal for use in fruit fly cultures as additional surface area for fruit flies, allowing them additional places to climb, mate, and lay eggs.

Using Excelsior in place of coffee filters provides several benefits, including higher fruit fly yields and a more stable culture. Excelsior is also made from renewable resources and is compostable, making Josh's Frogs Excelsior an environmentally friendly, green product.

This bag of Excelsior makes 20 or more fruit fly cultures.


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John Pope


The order came very fast. and I have already started some new cultures with this and the flies seem to realy like it.

Susan Toler


This really is excellent----ever since I switched from the regular excelsior to the fine-grade, I have seen a dramatic increase in FF productivity. Both are great mediums for culture enhancement, but I think the finer grade produces more flies.

Nathaniel Ringdahl


Wow this stuff is great. I couldn't find excelsior anywhere where I live (Norway), but I finally have it now. No more nasty looking cultures for me, with soggy filters and dead flies stuck all over the sides. I also want to note that I had some problems with my address because I live in Norway, and customer support was spectacular in helping me get that problem worked out.

Terrell Richard


I've tried all kinds of different media for pupation and the fine excelsior outperforms them all far an daway! I recommend it for anyone trying to culture flies.



High Quality and Quick Shipping it was a win win!

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