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Frogs & Co. Glass Tree Frog Terrarium (18x18x24)


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About This Product

The Exo Terra Tree Frog Terrarium is the ideal amphibian habitat designed by European herpetologists, ideal for bioactive planted setups. This terrarium can be set up as a bioactive habitat for tree frogs, reed frogs, dart frogs, small geckoes & lizards, garter & grass snakes, etc.

The single front opening door allows maximum viewing pleasure and provides easy access for maintenance and feeding. A push-button lock keeps the terrarium secure and can even be outfitted with an optional lock to prevent unwanted opening.

The hinged cover can be locked and unlocked with a single button, and can be fully opened. A clear glass panel in the front ensures maximum visible light penetration and a stainless steel ventilation strip in the back guarantees optimal ventilation. The patented dual ventilation system keeps the single front glass door free of condensation, even in humid conditions. It creates a natural upward flow of air to ensure optimal and healthy conditions.

Excess heat is dissipated through the top mesh and prevents heat from accumulating, creating temperature gradients in the terrarium. The screen mesh allows UV and infrared penetration when these bulbs are required. Four self-closing inlets for wire/tubing in the back facilitate the installation of powered accessories like waterfall pumps, filters, the Exo Terra's Monsoon, etc. The inside front of the lid has a Monsoon Nozzle mounting point on each side of the terrarium.

The bottom part of the terrarium is waterproof once the tubing, elbow-connector and tap valve are connected to the drain. The drain allows hassle free water changes and excess water removal.

Includes bottom drain, 1.2m tubing, elbow-connector and tap valve.

Advanced Amphibian Habitat:

  • Full Glass Terrarium
  • Built-in drain
  • Ideal for bioactive habitats
  • Single door for maximum viewing pleasure
  • With patented ventilation system
  • Monsoon ready
  • Self-closing inlets for wire/tubing
  • High quality stainless steel mesh
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Locks to prevent escape
  • Hinged lockable cover
  1. Attach the tubing to the outflow of the lower Drain nut.
  2. Hold the drain nut in its place on the pre-drilled hole and measure where to install the elbow-connector to allow proper water flow.
  3. Cut the tubing on the correct place to install the elbow-connector.
  4. Unscrew the nut from the elbow-connector and slide it over the tube.
  5. Insert the tube as far as possible over one spout of the elbow-connector and tighten the retaining nut (hand-tight) until you feel pressure & resistance.
  6. Repeat this action with the remaining spout and tubing.
  7. Screw the nut of the tap valve further over the screw part and insert the tube as far as possible over the incoming spout of the tap valve. Then tighten the nut again (hand-tight) until you feel pressure & resistance.
  8. Clean the glass surrounding the pre-drilled hole of the terrarium. To ensure a proper seal, the glass surface must be free of any dust or debris.
  9. Position the lower Drain nut with gasket under the pre-drilled hole of the terrarium and screw the Drain into the Drain nut from the inside of the Terrarium (hand-tight) until you feel pressure & resistance.
  10. “CAUTION” When you are assured that the Drain, elbow-connector and tap valve are installed and tightened correctly, please proceed with a leak-test. Fill the Terrarium with water up to the desired level and check for any leaks. If there are no leaks after 24 hours, you can proceed with the decoration of your Terrarium.

THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. Due to distribution contracts Hagen has with its distributors around the world, we cannot ship their brands (AquaClear, Exo Terra, Fluval, Marina, and Nutrafin) outside of the United States. Our apologies for any inconvenience!


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