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Amphibian Chytrid and Ranavirus Testing Kit


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About This Product

Chytrid and Ranavirus are affecting wild amphibian populations worldwide. Protect your pets by using Josh's Frogs Amphibian Chytrid and Ranavirus Testing Kit to collect samples that can be tested to see if your pets are carriers.

For complete instructions on how to take a sample with the Josh's Frogs Amphibian Chytrid and Ranavirus Testing Kit, check out this video: How to Test for Chytrid or Ranavirus

The Josh's Frogs Amphibian Chytrid and Ranavirus Testing Kit contains:

1. 2 pairs of nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves should be worn while handling your amphibians for testing, and should be rinsed very well with dechlorinated water before handling the animal. Nitrile gloves will protect your amphibians from any chemicals or oils on your hands that could harm the amphibian, while removal of the gloves after testing one animal and donning a new pair of gloves before handing another animal ensures that you will not unintentionally cross-contaminate your pets.

2. 2 sterile cotton swabs

Packaged in a set of 2 in a sterile wrapper, these cotton swabs are used to gently swab the frog approximately 5 times on each side, then 5 times on it's belly. The 2 swabs can be used to take 2 samples from the same animal (to test for chyrid and ranavirus), or to take 2 different samples from two separate animals (either 2 chytrid tests or 2 ranavirus tests). There is no need to test multiple animals in a group of amphibians that is housed together - it can be assumed that if one individual of a group has either disease, all the animals in the group are infected. Please note - in order to test for Chytrid and Ranavirus, 2 samples will be needed. The lab cannot test one sample for both Chytrid and Ranavirus.

3. 3 small plastic bags

After a sample is collected, remove your gloves and place the swab in it's own ziploc bag, then seal it. Label the bag with the type/name of frog, what the sample is to be tested for (Chyrid or Ranavirus), and your name. After both bags have swabs in them, place both bags inside the third bag and seal it.

4. Small USPS Priority Mail Envelope

Place the ziploc bag containing both samples into the USPS Priority Maill Envelope. You'll need to go to your local post office to pay for postage to send your samples off to lab. The rigid cardboard envelope will ensure your samples arrive at the lab in good shape. By shipping USPS Priority Mail, the lab will generally receive your samples in 2 business days.

5. Research Associates Laboratory Sample Submission Form

Fill out this form, along with payment information, and select which tests you would like to purchase. One copy is provided with the kit - you'll want to print out a second form if you're testing a sample from a second animal.

6. Josh's Frogs Amphibian Chytrid and Ranavirus Swabbing Kit Information Sheet

An inventory list of what's included in the kit will also be sent with your package.

While there are several different labs in the United States that will test your sample for Chytrid or Ranavirus, at Josh's Frogs we use and recommend Research Associates Laboratory. This lab is very reasonably priced, and results are returned to you quickly. In order to have your samples tested, you'll need to fill out this form (copy included with kit) and mail it to them (address is on the form, include the form in the USPS Priority Mail Envelope with your samples). You'll hear back quickly, generally within 1 business day of the lab receiving the samples.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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Great product, fast results, but added costs to be aware of

Well packaged, included instructions for how to use the kit, and included a mailing envelope as well as a printed copy of the form to send to RAL, the recommended testing laboratory. There are many tests to choose from, and each test costs $18 - so if you use both swabs, it would be $39. You also need to pay your own shipping cost to mail the swab to RAL, this cost me a little more than $9. I dropped the package with the swab to RAL last Friday, and already received the results today - only 4 days later! Absolutely no complaints, and the added costs are reasonable, just good to be aware of. I would recommend this to anyone, and will likely use the same service with future amphibians.



Everyone should spot test their collections once in a while to be safe. New arrivals should be tested before coming out of quarantine . Must have for every frogger!


excellent and FAST!

An excellent essential testing kit. Collecting the samples was gentle and simple (though I'm sure the frogs didn't appreciate it). The kit is well designed and easy to use. The lab results came back so quickly I didn't quite believe it. But, testing all your amphibians before exposing them to others or unintentionally contaminating your local water system with infected terrarium waste is only responsible. Take full advantage of this product, and a big Thank You to Josh's Frogs!

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