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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Froglet Rearing Container Kit contains everything you need to make 10 128oz froglet rearing / quarantine bins, as show in this video. Froglet rearing containers are perfect for housing young dart frogs for raising, or as temporary housing for new animals.


1. 128 oz Container and Lid (10 Pack)

Replacing the 190oz containers traditionally used, our 128oz plastic containers measure 9.75" across and are ideal for housing small quantities of frogs for a couple months. At Josh's Frogs, we use these containers for a variety of uses.


2. Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss (500g)

Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss is the perfect substrate for froglet rearing containers. Simply wet the sphagnum thoroughly, squeeze it out until no more water comes out, then put a 1-1.5" layer in the bottom of the 128oz container.


3. Bag of Leaves

In the wild, many dart frog froglets hide in the leaf litter of the forest floor. Replicate this with a bag of leaf litter from Josh's Frogs! Put a handful of leaves in the 128 oz container, then mist them down with water.


4. Low Growing Terrarium Plants (2)

These are fast growing plants that makes a great ground cover. Pinch off a section of stem containing 2-4 leaves, and stick the broken end in the sphagnum moss. The clipping will root right in the tank.


5. Temperate Springtail Culture

Springtails will help keep your froglet rearing container clean, and serve as a great treat for your newly morphed froglets. Add a bit of distilled/reverse osmosis water to the culture, then pour the excess water (and springtails) into the 128oz container.

Still have questions? Check out the Josh's Frogs Video on How to Take Care of Dart Frog Froglets!


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