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Josh's Frogs Tree Fern Fiber Substrate (10 quarts)


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About This Product

Tree Fern Fiber is a versatile, natural material resembling tiny little twigs. It is widely used with reptiles and amphibians, as well as horticulturally with live plants! It decays very slowly, even in high humidity environments, making tree fern the ideal substrate for long term use.

Recommended Animals: Tree Fern is a great ingredient when you are creating your own substrate mix, especially bioactive mixes, because it provides structure to the soil. It allows for good drainage without the soil packing down.

We do not recommend keeping any animal solely on Tree Fern Fiber.

Recommended Plants: Tree Fern can be mixed with soils to allow better airflow to root systems. It can also be used as a substrate for orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytic plants. 

  • Epiphytes* (sole substrate)
  • Ferns* (in mixes)
  • Tropicals* (in mixes)

Suitable for Misted Setups: Yes.

Care: Tree Fern Fiber creates the perfect home for beneficial insects, such as Springtails and Isopods. When they are thriving, they can break down your pets’ waste and create a bioactive cycle. This allows your substrate to last longer without replacing. Replenish the Tree Fern Fiber once it has noticeably broken down and is no longer providing structure. 

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Great Substrate

I ordered this from Joshs Frogs just because they haven’t let me down yet and this is another great product. It’s exactly what I needed for my ABG mix, it really makes my substrate earthy. It’s worth every penny without it your ABG mix isn’t complete nor will it last near as long.

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