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The Josh's Frogs Complete Juvenile Pac-Man Frog Kit contains everything you need to keep a juvenile pet pac-man frog alive and healthy for approximately the first year of it's life. After that, upgrade your pet pac-man frog to the Josh's Frogs Complete Deluxe Pac-Man Frog Kit.

1. Josh's Frogs BioBedding PAC-MAN Bioactive Substrate

This is the perfect substrate for your bioactive pac-man frog enclosure. Biobedding Pac-Man is a unique blend of organic and inorganic ingredients, trace elements, and beneficial fungi that serves to jump start the bioactive environment. Biobedding Pac-Man helps maintain humidity while providing a substrate your pets can dig and lay eggs in, all while helping to maintain healthy populations of microfauna. Place a 2.5-3 inch layer of BioBedding Pac-Man in your enclosure. Add dechlorinated or R/O water until BioBedding sticks together when squeezed, but no water runs out.

2. Artificial Plant

Artificial Plants are both realistic and easy to clean. Artificial plants not only add to the looks of a pacman frog enclosure - they also provide hiding places and visual barriers.

3. Water Dish

Water Dishes are constructed from a high-density resin, that replicates rock and facilitates easy cleaning. The Water Dish should be cleaned every day by scrubbing it under hot water. Fresh water should be provided for your animals every day. Make sure to use dechlorinator if you are using tap water.

4. Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

This is an accurate sensor for accurate temperature and humidity indication.

5. Plastic Enclosure

This enclosure is the perfect enclosure for a young, growing pacman frog. The enclosure is easy to clean, light weight, and allows for easy viewing of your pet pacman frog. As your frog grows, it will eventually become too large for this enclosure. At this point, upgrade your pet pacman frog to a larger enclosure.

6. Josh’s Frogs Dechlorinator (4 oz)

Use with water to pull out harmful chlorine. This will help provide the best water for your pet.

For complete care of your frog buy the Pacman Frog Feeder Bundle and the Pacman Frog Supplement Bundle


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