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Josh's Frogs Pac-Man Frog Feeder Bundle


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About This Product

The Josh’s Frogs Pac-Man Frog Feeder Bundle includes enough insects to keep your Pac-Man happy for quite a while - easily a month or more for a juvenile pac-man! This bundle includes:

  1. 1/2" Banded Crickets (72 Count)
  2. Crickets should be used as a staple diet, and should be dusted with a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement.
  3. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (50 Count - Large)
  4. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a fantastic, high calcium treat that can be tong fed directly to your Pac-Man
  5. Nightcrawlers / Earthworms (12 Count)
  6. These worms can also be tong-fed to your frog
  7. Waxworms (25 Count)
  8. Waxworms make a great treat for your pet! Like the BSFL and nightcrawlers, these can be tong-fed directly to your Pac-Man frog.

Pro Tip: For more longevity out of your nightcrawlers, waxworms, and black soldier flies, it is best to store them in the refrigerator until they are all fed off as the cold temperatures keep the worms dormant.

  • This live feeder bundle provides a wide variety that your round pal will be sure to love!
  • This bundle includes feeders to be used in both routine feedings and as treats.
  • The feeders included in this bundle can keep your Pac-Man fed and happy for a month or more.
  • Feeder insects should be dusted with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement


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Great Product

My son wants a Pacman Frog this looks awesome and at a great price will be buying one in a few days

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