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Zilla Shed-Ease Reptile Bath (8 fl. oz., 237 mL)

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About This Product

Shed Ease

  • Easier shedding plus a healthier new skin
  • Treats imbalances caused by poor health, low humidity
  • Twenty minute bath completes shedding for most reptiles

Like a spa treatment for a skin-shedding pet
Even in the healthiest terrariums, reptiles can have more trouble shedding their skin than they would in the wild. Shed-Ease makes the process much easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients that soften the old skin and add healthy luster to the new. After 20 minutes in a bath of Shed-Ease and water, most old skins slide off easily. Works even for reptiles suffering from stress, poor health, improper diet or a lack of humidity.


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Just like it says!

We used this for our two bearded dragons who were having a tough time shedding. (If you aren't aware, dragons shed every 3ish months but sometimes have a hard time resulting in them holding their scales and shedding two layers at a time after 6 months.) Our male dragon was mostly shed, but was just having trouble with his hands, feet and tail. After 2 baths with this product, he was all clear and in perfect condition. Our female dragon had not shed in more than 6 months and was having a really hard time even getting started, but I could tell it was time. I gave her one bath in the Shed-Ease and it helped loosen the shedding scales from her new scales. Within an hour of the bath she was starting to shed on her own. Three days later, we gave her another bath, and then again 3 days after that. That was all it took and all the scales/skin came off. The scales come off in a wet film layer right after the bath or while still in the tub. It's actually really easy to remove what's wet from the dragon while they are wet, just don't pull once you meet any resistance or if you seem to be upsetting your dragon. The bottle says to add 10 ml per 16 oz of lukewarm water. But in a bathtub, that's pretty tough to measure. So we did 2.5 capfuls in water up to our dragons' shoulder height. That worked great. The bottle had enough for 4 baths at that mix ratio.


Another great product

I used this on my crested gecko worked very well


Worked for me crested gecko

My crested gecko was getting stuck shed on her feet this worked great

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