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'Powder Blue' Isopods (10 count)

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Porcellionides pruinosus 'Powder Blue', often called Powder Blue or Powdery Blue Isopods, are a hardy species of isopod and produce quickly once established. Powder Blue Isopods make a great clean up crew in a bioactive setup or naturalistic vivarium. They are large, active, and very colorful. This species is also super fast!

These isopods appear grey when immature. They then take on a purplish hue before maturity, then appear a steel blue color when mature. If you're looking to keep these isopods outside of a vivarium, we'd recommend keeping them on our Isopod Substrate, or even better using our Isopod Culturing KitJosh's Frogs Milli Mix substrate is also a fantastic option.

In rare cases, starving isopods may attempt to consume the carapace of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We strongly recommend providing supplemental food to your clean up crew in the enclosure, such as Josh's Frogs Clean-Up-Crew Cuisine. When in doubt, using dwarf species of isopods, such as dwarf tropical whites, may be a safer option.

Please read the following article on keeping and culturing isopods: HOW TO KEEP AND CULTURE ISOPODS


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