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Porcellio scaber ‘Orange Koi’ Isopods (10 count)

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About This Product

This listing is for 10 isopods.


  • Mid-sized, active isopod
  • Great pet and can be a good clean-up crew in most bioactive setups
  • Reproduce quickly so colonies expand fast

Name: Porcellio scaber ‘Orange Koi’

Recommended Enclosure Size & Setup: A 6 qt. Sterilite container or something similar works great for a starter culture. Upgrade to a 37 qt. Sterilite gasket box or similar for larger cultures. Josh's Frogs Isopod Substrate works great as a bedding!

Temperature (°F): 60-85 degrees is ideal for this species, but they can quickly adapt to a wide range of conditions.

Humidity: ~60%, but this species thrives in most environments if given an area where they can rehydrate.

Size: These isopods are at least 1/4 inch at the time of sale.

Age: They live for 2-3 years. Due to the mixed nature of our 10 count products, they contain isopods of a variety of ages.

Feeding: Offer Repashy Bug Burger or Repashy Morning Wood, twice a week and a calcium supplement in portions according to the population of the colony.

In rare cases, starving isopods may attempt to consume the carapace of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We strongly recommend providing supplemental food to your clean up crew in the enclosure, such as Josh's Frogs Clean-Up Crew Cuisine.

When in doubt, using dwarf species of isopods, such as Dwarf Tropical Whites, may be a safer option.

Sexing: Males have a penile papillae on the underside of their tail and their pleopod segments (underside of the tail) are more angular, while those of females are more square.

Due to their age, isopods sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed animals.

Color/Pattern: This morph has a white base and varying shades of orange splotches that are not solid and “bleed” into the surrounding colors. This is the way Porcellio scaber ‘Orange Koi’ expresses splash calico.

Breeding: 'Orange Koi' isopods breed readily in well set up colonies or enclosures.

Natural Range: Native to Europe, but introduced to most of the world

Please read the following article on keeping isopods in a bioactive set-up: Isopods in the Bioactive Enclosure


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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