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Penn-Plax Aqua Life Gem Stones (Pearls - Blue / 90 pieces)

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About This Product

  • Decorative and smooth glass stones add color and refract light
  • Mix and match colors and styles to give your aquarium a professional look
  • Made from 100% glass and safe for your fish
  • These translucent stones will brighten your aquarium with sparkling colors
  • these solid glass stones refract light creating a sea of color and bringing your aquarium decor to life
  • Allows to anchor your plants and other aquarium decor items, and make the perfect base for your aquarium
  • Gemstones® are safe for your aquatic pets and the smooth glass surface makes them easy to clean
  • Also great for adding a colorful base to your planters, vases, bowls and other decorative home items


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