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Josh's Frogs Canned Mealworms (35g)

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About This Product

Canned mealworms are a great option to feed out instead of live mealworms - leopard geckos, smaller bearded dragons, and even wild birds love them.

Canned insects are a convenient way to ensure your pets are able to get the proper nutrition they need to thrive - even if you don't have access to live feeders!

These freshly-preserved mealworms are just as delicious and nutritious as live mealworms. They're the larvae of the darkling beetle, Tenebrio molitor, are high in A & B vitamins, have a crude protein of 18.7%, and are a great healthy treat for your pet!

We recommend keeping a can or 2 on hand as a back up food source - accidents happen, and nobody wants their pets to go hungry due to extreme weather affecting feeder insect shipping or a busy schedule.

Feeding instructions: Feed via tongs or offer in a bowl. Offer the same amount you would feed if you were feeding out live insects. Dispose of any uneaten insects after 24 hours.

Storage/Shelf Life: Cans have a shelf life of up to 3 years unopened, and come with a plastic lid for resealing after the pop-top has been opened. Opened cans should be stored in the fridge and used within one week after opening.

Per standard process, distilled water is added to the can prior to cooking so the insects don't get baked. It's normal for some water to still remain in the can upon opening.


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