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Josh's Frogs Bean Beetle Food (1 Quart)


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Made from quality cowpeas, Josh’s Frogs Bean Beetle Food is an easy and cost effective way to culture bean beetles. The bean beetles will lay eggs on the surface of the peas. After the larvae hatches, it burrows into the pea and eats it from the inside out, emerging 4-6 weeks later as a mature bean beetle.

Directions: Directions: Pour 1 cup of Bean Beetle Food into a 32 oz culturing container. Add 30-40 bean beetles and keep at room temperature. After 3-4 weeks you can begin another culture and feed from this culture.
To feed the bean beetles, remove the surface area and shake them into a container or pour the entire contents into a strainer and gently shake to harvest the bean beetles.

For more information about Callosobruchus maculatus, please read our blog on Bean Beetle Care and Culture.


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