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Blue Bottle Fly Spikes / Pupae (50 count)

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About This Product

 The individual sizes are measured by weight. 1 ounce cups contain about 50 blue bottle fly larvae (either active or pupated)!

Blue Bottle Fly Spikes (Calliphora vomitoria) are a great way to add some variety to an exotic pet's diet, and make a nutritious feeder insect. They are about 1/4"-1/2" in length when sold. Blue Bottle Fly Spikes are great options for reptiles such as leopard geckos, crested geckos, fat tailed geckos, bearded dragons, chameleons and many other reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and invertebrates. Wild birds love them! If you are looking for a quality, low fat source of protein and calcium for your pet Blue Bottle Fly Spikes are a great option for you!

How to Feed: Blue Bottle Fly Spikes can be fed using a feeding dish or feeding tongs. Offer as many Blue Bottle Fly Spikes as your pet can consume in 5 minutes. Any escapee Blue Bottle Fly Spikes may burrow into the substrate and pupate.

Blue Bottle Fly Spikes can also be pupated and allowed to become blue metallic flies similar in size to house flies. To pupate Blue Bottle Fly Spikes, leave the larvae in a larger container at room temperature for a few days. If the substrate apears to be dry add enough water to make it slightly damp. Flies can be given to chameleons, tree frogs, anoles, and other exotic pets as enrichment - a mentally stimulating addition to a nutritious diet! Place the adult Blue Bottle Flies in the fridge for several minutes to slow them down, making moving them into your pet's enclosure easier.

How to Store: Blue Bottle Fly Spikes should be kept in the fridge as they do well in temperatures between 33F and 40F. Keep spikes stored on the damp sawdust they're packaged in for a longer shelf life.

Please note: because of elevated temperatures during shipping, your blue bottle fly spikes may arrive pupated! In this case, either store the pupae in the fridge until you're ready to hatch them out into flies, or leave them at room temperature and you'll have blue bottle flies ready to feed out in 2-4 days.

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Love these- so easy!

I love buying these for my cham! They're so easy to store, feed and feed off. I always separate the spikes into small containers with a bit of the bedding that comes with them and add a little feeder food for them to munch on when they hatch. When they've hatched and eaten, I just hold open the little container in the cage and they go straight for my chams's light- never any flies straying away into my house! Just make SURE to separate them when you get them because when they hatch there's no separating them then haha!


Fun for Me and my Chameleon

I accidentally ordered 2 sets of 50 spikes but I can't complain too much. These things are tons of fun to feed to my chameleon. They provide him with a bit of fun as he has a challenge trying to follow these around in his cage, but it's also fun for me to watch his instincts come alive. A few of these have failed to hatch but that's fine with me due to the cheap price. I have also noticed that after hatching about 30 of these guys, i still had over 50 left to hatch. It appears as though Josh's Frogs takes into account some of the failed hatches to come and provides you with extras to ensure at least 50 hatched flies.

Ohio bugs

Great price and great product

Josh's frogs is where I get all my feeders best prices I've seen anywhere and quality products and customer service


they transformed after 1 week

the blue bottle fly spikes transformed into real flies after 1 week. i had flies buzzing all over my apartment for a few days which was a pain, but they are easy to catch and it was fun to watch my frogs have something they had to work to catch.


Chameleon loved these!

My veiled chameleon loved catching these flies. They hatched out over a period of a few weeks and were a great enrichment item for my cham who LOVED chasing them all over her enclosure. Will buy again.

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