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Josh's Frogs Bamboo Stick (2 ft.)


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Josh's Frogs Bamboo Sticks not only make a great décor addition for tropical terrarium setups—they're also functional! These are perfect for small critters that like to climb or perch, such as mourning geckos, micro geckos, chameleons, small tree frogs, birds, and more.

Since bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, it's an eco-friendly choice for decorating your pet's enclosure. Our bamboo sticks are also free of harmful chemicals, ensuring the wellbeing of your critters.

In addition to terrarium décor, bamboo sticks make a great natural climbing poles or stakes for vining plants, or for a variety of craft projects.

You'll receive one 2 foot section of bamboo, measuring about 3/8 inch in diameter.


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Great For Building

These Bamboo sticks are great on their own or when used for custom building structures in a vivarium. Personally, I bought several and used a hacksaw to cut some in half and others into quarters (you can use a sharp knife instead). Then I used animal safe silicone to create towers, structures to hold vines, climbing platforms, etc. These bamboo sticks were a great addition to my vivarium and I'm sure they will be a great addition for yours as well.



It is what it says it is , good quality and great for diy tank decorations.


Nice in screen cage

I bought half a dozen of these for my chameleons in screen cages. They worked pretty good. I used thumbtacks one on each end to attach them on the screen and used multiple ones at different levels. Happy with them.


Sturdy and smooth

They are incredibly sturdy, and once scored they'll do a nice snap where the cut started so I was able to make different lengths for climbing in an exo terra. Highly recommend


Great for DIY

I’m currently building a bamboo bridge for my gecko with this and the aquarium safe silicone. The bamboo is sturdy, but will still be cut with scissors and a blunt snap. Really great.

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