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Josh's Frogs Bamboo Tube (2 ft.)


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Includes 1 (one) 2 foot section of bamboo. Size ranging 1.5 - 2.5 inches in diameter. Perfect for climbing and hiding. Naturally appealing, decorative, and functional! Since bamboo is a natural product, each piece is one of a kind. Many tubes are split as a result of the drying process.


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Quality bamboo

Read the description, and you'll know exactly what you're getting. No color edited photography, no claims of being anything it's not, and they even tell you the products shortcomings. Honest sellers.



This bamboo has far outpaced any expectation i could have set for it. I have cut multiple tube pieces for frogs and mourning geckos to hide in, and put some into the background, for them to crawl along. They all love it!


Not really a tube but a great decoration.

If you're hoping to use this as natural tubing you're gonna need to poke a hole through it. It works great as a decoration and pot.


Great product

I put some in my crested gecko thank with Velcro stripes so they would stay in place She jump around on them


Josh's frogs Bamboo tube - 2 FT

Just got some more of these all reptiles love these , drill extra holes in them for gecko hides , I put several holes in them and my geckos love to hide in them and peek through the holes. I cut them smaller for my Frogs and they love them also !

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