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Anole Feeder Bundle


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About This Product

Feed what your anoles crave with the Anole Feeder Bundle from Josh's Frogs!  nutritious, high quality feeder insects come in this bundle. It includes:

150ct Small Phoenix Worms -

How to Feed: Feed phoenix worms as a treat to your pets. Phoenix Worms are very high in protein and make great treats, but should not be used as a staple diet. Sift phoenix worms from their bedding and feed them to your pet using feeding tongs or a bowl.

How to Store: Store phoenix worms at about 55F to prolong development time. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Phoenix worms will typically keep for 1-2 weeks at room temperature.

Nutrition Information: Protein - 17.3%, Fat - 9.4%, Calcium - 8155 ppm

100ct Mealworms - 

How to Feed: Mealworms are a great treat for anoles. Make sure to dust mealworms with a proper vitamin and mineral supplement before being fed to your pet. Feed mealworms using feeding tongs or in a worm dish.

How to Store: When Josh's Frogs ships mealworms they are already stored on aspen bedding without food - exactly how you want to keep them. Keep mealworms at 45-55F to prolong their lifespan. As mealworms worms go bad, they will become dark in color and eventually turn black and spoil. Discard any black mealworms. Older mealworms may pupate. These pupae may still be offered to your pet. Discard adult beetles, as most animals find these distasteful. Under ideal conditions, mealworms should keep for several weeks.

Nutritional Information: Protein 20%, Fat 13%, Fiber 2%, Water 62%

120ct 1/4" Crickets -

How to Feed: ¼" Banded Crickets are the perfect staple feeder insect for your pet Anole. Make sure to dust ¼" Banded Crickets with a proper vitamin and mineral supplement before being fed to your pet. Watch our video on How to Dust Crickets if you're not sure how.

How to Store: When Josh's Frogs ships ¼" Banded Crickets they are boxed with eggcrate. Please set them up in more permanent cricket housing using one of our cricket care kits and feed a quality cricket food. Crickets should be gutloaded with a nutritious food for 2-3 days before feeding them to your pet. Watch our video on Gutloading Crickets to find out how.  Please view our video on How to Care for Feeder Crickets.

Nutritional Information: Protein 17%, Fat 8%, Fiber 2%, Water 71%

House Fly Pupae (50 count)

Musca domestica, the common House Fly, are a delicious enrichment food for your reptile or amphibian friend! The flight of House Flies will keep your scaly friend entertained and stimulated as well as provide a suitable food source. House Flies are about 8-12 millimeters in their adult form making them a great size for a variety of reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds. Josh's Frogs House Fly Pupae (50 count) contains a healthy overcount, as not all pupae will hatch into flies. The pupae are packaged in a small deli cup with wheat bran.

How to Feed: House Flies are fast! To make House Flies easier to move, place them in the fridge for a few minutes. This will slow them down enough that they will not fly out when the container lid is open. Shake the House Flies into your enclosure and watch your reptile chase after their tasty treat! Any House Flies left over should be removed or else they may breed and lay eggs in your enclosure. 
How to Store: When you receive your House Flies they will be in pupae form. The pupae should be stored in the fridge until you are ready to contain and feed off flies. Be cautious about leaving them in the fridge for too long. The longer House Fly pupae are in the fridge the lower the numbers of flies will hatch out. To hatch flies, simply place the pupae in a container at room temperature. Flies should emerge in 3-7 days. The longer the storage time, the few flies will hatch out. Try to use all pupae within a couple weeks.


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